Lesson Descriptions

Weekday vs Weekend lessons are offered at a variable rate due to time limitations and demand.  In order to provide these varied rates our reservation system at this time requires we list our coaches as “weekday” coaches and “weekend” coaches.  Be sure to select a “weekday” provider to see availability for weekday lessons and “weekend” lessons for weekend dates.


Boat Driver Training Lessons

Boat driver training lessons aim to increase participants understanding how to properly drive their boat for wakeboarding and wakesurfing.  Lessons focus on throttle progression, returning to a falling rider, maneuvering, docking and more.  Instructors will come to customer’s location for these lessons.  Customers will be responsible for their boats operation at all times during the lesson while under the guidance of the instructor.  Boats must have proper registration, be properly equipped per the U.S.C.G. and D.N.R. with regard to life preservers and fire extinguishers and have properly functioning mechanics and gauges.  The Boarder Line reserves the right to cancel lessons at any time that do not fulfill the above listed requirements.  Customer will provide one in-water participant for wakeboarding and/or wakesurfing (where appropriate) as well as one observer.  Multiple drivers within the family may participate in this one-hour session but should be limited to no more than 3.


Cancellation Policy

In order to provide appropriate time to reschedule staff and/or another customer, lessons must be cancelled no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time to receive full refund.  No refunds will be issued if lessons are cancelled with less than a 24-hour notice.


Appointment Times

We strive to maintain appointment times so please be on sight a few minutes prior to appointment start time.   This will insure a timely start for your appointment.  Late arrivals will not be given extended time beyond the scheduled time.  However, in the event that The Boarder Line has been delayed in starting your lesson at the scheduled time, we will provide the full scheduled amount of lesson time or refund at a prorated amount.


Participant Limit

Lessons are scheduled by time length and in some instances maybe include multiple participants.  The number of participants is limited.  A single 30-minute lesson is limited to one participant.  A one-hour lesson may include no more than 3 individuals.  As an example: if scheduling for 4 participants the recommended time would be 4 30-minute sessions and the minimum would be an hour session and a 30-minute session.  These limitations are in place to ensure a productive experience that allows for development while eliminating the need to rush through instruction.  More importantly, safety is our number one concern and attempting to exchange handles, boards, vests and participants at a pace faster than standard creates an environment of increased risk.  Groups that exceed the participant limit will be limited by our staff to 20 minutes each.  First time riders under the age of 6 may be granted exception by the staff.  Please contact us directly when scheduling young participants and we will advise what would be the appropriate session time to schedule.


Observer Limits

In order to ensure a clear field of vision for the driver and to maintain proper communication between driver and coach, the number of occupants in the boat will be limited to participants only unless the participants are under the age of 16.  If the participant is under the age of 16, one adult may accompany the participant as an observer in the boat.  This does not, however, mean one observer per participant.  For example: if more than one participant under the age of 16 is on board for a session longer than 30 minutes, there will not be more than one observer.  In such a case, only 1 observer will be permitted to observe the group.  The Boarder Line staff reserves the right to modify these limitations as they see fit for safety and the productivity of the participants.


I understand and agree to all of the descriptions, expectations, criteria and limitations listed above.  I further understand The Boarder Line and its representatives reserve the right to cancel, modify and/or reduce the length of time of any lesson at any time that does not meet the above descriptions, expectations, criteria and limitations.  Lessons that fall under this description will not be refunded.   The Boarder Line and its representatives also reserve the right to cancel, modify and/or reduce the length of time of any lesson that is deemed unsafe do to boat traffic, weather conditions and/or other environment impacts.  These changes will be reviewed by the management and will likely be granted a refund at a prorated rate.